Credo is a market leading strategy consulting firm, helping many of the world’s leading organisations to make and implement better strategic decisions.

We have built unrivalled expertise in our core markets where we are widely seen as the ‘go to’ firm for senior management and investors. We do not work in every sector – only those where we have developed  market leading experience and expertise– but in those areas our skills are unmatched.

Our clients value us, above all, for the business impact we bring. Whether we are helping a Healthcare provider enter a new region, a Facilities Management company reshape its operating model, or an IT Services firm acquire and integrate another business – we are totally results-focused. We combine deep insight and rigorous analysis to develop pragmatic solutions – focusing on the issues that really matter. We are engaging, thought-provoking and we challenge conventional thinking.

Founded in London in 1999, we operate globally and have carried out assignments in over 40 countries. We now employ a team of around 70 world-class professionals, providing market leading expertise across an increasing range of sectors. Our commitment to growth is further supported by continued expansion of our office in Dubai, cementing our position in the Middle East & Asia and strengthening our ability to serve our clients’ global needs.

Differentiated by the way that we work

We are highly agile. We recognise that speed and focus are critical in addressing today’s business issues and our response to client needs is both timely and carefully targeted.

Our consulting approach is based around market leading sector expertise.  Whilst our consulting offer continues to grow to cover a growing number of sectors, we retain our commitment to establishing and retaining a deep understanding of these markets and using this as the foundation of our strategic advice.

We seek to deliver projects in partnership with our clients, working closely with client teams to develop and iterate recommendations.  We often work in integrated project teams which combine Credo staff with team members from our clients and other technical advisors.  This approach helps us ensure that we meet the specific challenges facing our individual clients and often provides a seamless transfer to support the implementation of our recommendations.

We judge our contribution on the results which our clients achieve.  This focus on outcomes helps ensure that we provide highly targeted and actionable recommendations which bring real benefits to our clients.  We often underline this commitment through a structure which puts a proportion of our fees at risk against the outcomes which our projects achieve.

Some of our satisfied clients